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Part of a series of training programs on cement and concrete technology, this CD provides an introduction to the fundamentals of concrete.

Topics include: materials used in concrete mixtures, the essentials of quality concrete, and the desired fresh and hardened properties of concrete.

Fully narrated, with a quiz included at the end. The course is designed for cement manufacturers, ready-mix concrete producers, concrete contractors, consultants, architects, specifiers, QA/QC personnel, inspection staff, and other design professionals dealing with the use of concrete as a building material.

Item Code: CD062
Price: $75.00
A timely update to the useful reference tool on pervious concrete. Filled with technical and promotional resources materials addressing specifying, proportioning, production, and placement of pervious concrete. The CD also contains an analysis tool on hydrological design. The hydrological analysis program is intended solely to illustrate the behavior of pervious concrete systems in relatively simple situations.

Item Code: CD063
Price: $85.00
The DVD version of the popular PCA video. Overview of the purpose and function of the concrete inspector using real-world situations. Part I focuses on the inspector's role prior to concrete placement. Part II looks at the inspector's role after the concrete has arrived on site.
Item Code: DVD125
Price: $25.00
The DVD version of the popular PCA video. Get a candid look at ten common, but mistaken myths that exist in concrete construction. Use this DVD to properly train new employees, or as a reality check for experienced personnel. This DVD provides a point-by-point discussion on the facts to do the job right the first time around.
Item Code: DVD128
Price: $25.00
Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures--the guide to applications, methods, and materials, has been the industry’s primary reference on concrete technology for over 90 years. The fully revised 16th edition published in 2016 by the Portland Cement Association (PCA) provides a concise, current reference on the fundamentals of concrete technology and construction.

Many advances have been made in concrete technology over the decades ranging from new materials and testing methods, to improved concrete properties and construction practices. Concrete construction today follows a mantra of quicker, stronger, more durable, more resilient, and more sustainable. That story is proudly displayed within the pages of this centennial edition of Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures.

The 16th edition provides a concise, current reference on concrete, including the many advances that occurred since the last edition. Besides presenting a 30 percent increase in new information, this edition has new chapters on concrete pavements and structures illustrating where concrete meets the needs of modern society.

The book is backed by 100 years of research by the Portland Cement Association. It reflects the latest information on standards, specifications, and test methods of ASTM International (ASTM), the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), and the American Concrete Institute (ACI).

Each new edition reflects advances in concrete technology and the need to meet the growing needs of owners, architects, engineers, builders, concrete producers, concrete technologists, instructors, and students. Over 3 million copies of past editions of the book were distributed, making the book a primary reference on concrete technology.

Item Code: EB001.16
Price: $75.00
The sixth edition of PCA's Concrete Masonry Handbook for Architects, Engineers, Builders reflects the state-of-the-practice for concrete masonry construction presented in a revised layout style. More than 200 color photos describe designing and building with concrete masonry. Like the previous version, this handbook contains nine chapters, giving comprehensive coverage to materials - from units, to mortar, to grout. The chapters on design and construction provide an introduction to the structural behavior of masonry elements, including the types of loads acting on structures, how loads are carried, key components of masonry walls, and a detailed description of placing masonry. Includes information on applications for concrete masonry structures, finishes such as paint and plaster, more than 40 details of masonry sections, and a brand new glossary.
Item Code: EB008
Price: $55.00
This expanded fourth edition describes the design, construction, and repair of concrete floors on ground for a variety of floor classifications. The approach described emphasizes attaining the best possible balance among service requirements, cost, and maintenance. In addition to an updated thickness design procedure, the text includes a discussion of concrete drying, shrinkage, joint stability, floor flatness and levelness, moisture testing and floor coverings, concrete durability, floor maintenance and repair, special floor types including white concrete floors, and a glossary of slab-on-ground terms.
Item Code: EB075.04
Price: $45.00
Fundamental review of cementitious grouts and grouting practices. Discusses ingredients, properties, proportioning, mixing, testing, and placing of grouts for more than 25 applications. Grouting applications include masonry walls, grout clean-down, ceramic tile, toppings, underlayments, bonding and repair grout, flowable fill, post-tensioning ducts, column baseplates, machine bases, ground anchors, preplaced and post-placed aggregate concrete, stone masonry restoration, foundation jacking, rock and soil grouting, slurry trenches, railroad track stabilization, demolition grouting, oil well grouting, slabjacking, and subsealing.
Item Code: EB111
Price: $25.00
Discusses the mechanism and measurements of entrained air and the effect of air on concrete properties. Also reviews the effects of concrete materials, production procedures, construction practices, and field conditions. Searchable CD version included.

This report is also found on DVD021.

Item Code: EB116
Price: $25.00
Unwanted moisture in concrete floors annually causes millions of dollars in damage to buildings in the United States. Problems from excessive moisture include deterioration and de-bonding of floor coverings, trip-and-fall hazards, microbial growth leading to reduced indoor air quality, staining, and deterioration of building finishes. Understanding moisture in concrete leads to design of floors and flooring systems that provide excellent service for many years. This publication discusses sources of moisture, drying of concrete, methods of measuring moisture, construction practices, specifications, and responsibilities for successful floor projects. The second edition incorporates a brief discussion of terrazzo issues, an extended discussion of issues with ASTM F1869 moisture emission testing, additional references on drying times of lightweight concrete, and updates to the sources of supplies and standards.
Item Code: EB119.02
Price: $25.00
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