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Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures, 15th edition

Media Type: Print
Every industry has one outstanding reference book, and for concrete it is Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures—the guide to applications, methods, and materials. For more than 85 years, the publication has been the cement and concrete industry’s primary reference on concrete technology. The fully revised 15th edition published in 2011 highlights the many advances that have occurred in the past decade while providing a concise, current reference on the fundamentals of concrete technology and construction. This book is a “must have” for anyone involved with concrete.
Author: Kosmatka, S. H. and Wilson, M. L.
Year Published: 2011
Price: $90.00

PCA Notes on ACI 318-08 Building Code

Media Type: Print
PCA Notes on ACI 318-08 Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete with Design Applications
The tenth edition of this classic PCA resource has been updated to reflect code changes introduced in the latest version of Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete, ACI 318-08. These notes will help users apply code provisions related to the design and construction of concrete structures. Each chapter of the manual starts with a description of the latest code changes. Emphasis is placed on “how-to-use” the code. Numerous design examples illustrate application of the code provisions.
Author: Kamara, M. E., Novak, L. C., and Rabbat, B. G.
Year Published: 2008
Price: $110.00

Cement and Its Impact on Concrete Performance

Media Type: eLearning
Designed for engineers and other construction professionals involved in concrete construction, this six-part series on concrete and cement technology takes you through cement’s role in sustainability, cement types and applications, and how cement affects the performance of the final product, concrete.
Author: Wilson, M. L., Bohan, R.B., and Kosmatka, S.H.
Year Published: 2011
Price: $495.00

Simplified Design of Reinforced Concrete Buildings

Media Type: Print
This new, fourth edition presents practicing engineers with timesaving analysis, design, and detailing methods of primary framing members of a reinforced concrete building. Revised and updated to ACI 318-11, it incorporates seismic and wind load provisions to comply with the International Building Code (2009 IBC). All equations, design aids, graphs, and code requirements have been updated to the current codes. Expanded illustrations of the theory and fundamentals and new timesaving design aids were added to include a wider range of concrete strengths. Also contains a new chapter on sustainable design.
Author: Kamara, M. and Novak, L.
Year Published: 2011
Price: $100.00

PCA Notes on ACI 318-11 Building Code

Media Type: PDF
PCA Notes on ACI 318-11 Building Code The emphasis is placed on “how-to-use” the code incorporating discussions behind the code provisions and fully worked design solutions to real world problems. The manual has been found to be also an invaluable aid to educators, contractors, materials and product manufacturers, building code authorities, inspectors, and others involved in the design, construction, and regulation of concrete structures. The over 900 page publication adds to the understanding of the art and science of structural engineering through presentation of the latest research and design procedures. By incorporating discussions of the history and philosophy of concrete design, the document strives to inform the reader of both the ‘letter of the law’ and, more importantly, the ‘sprit’ behind the code provisions.
Author: Kamara, M. E. and Novak, L. C.
Year Published: 2013
Price: $120.00

U.S. Forecast, April 2014

Media Type: PDF & Excel
PCA's cement volume forecast remains essentially unchanged since the fall forecast. The United States' cement market is expected to grow 7.8% in 2014, followed by 10% growth in 2015 and 2016. This forecast contains tables for the Economic Forecast, Construction Put-in-Place (billions of 2009$), Portland Cement Consumption (metric tons), and the U.S. Cement Consumption Forecast (metric tons) for years 2011-2018.
Author: Sullivan, E. J.
Year Published: 2014
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