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What to Expect When You're Inspecting, Parts I & II

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The DVD version of the popular PCA video. Overview of the purpose and function of the concrete inspector using real-world situations. Part I focuses on the inspector's role prior to concrete placement. Part II looks at the inspector's role after the concrete has arrived on site.

Part I: Before the Concrete Arrives
  • What to expect at the pre-construction meeting
  • How to handle a subgrade that's too wet or too dry
  • What to do when the field crew is not using the most recent plans
  • What to look for during a proof roll
  • How to decide when formwork is unacceptable
  • What happens when the wrong rebar has been installed
  • What to do about dirty/rusty rebar

    Part II: After Concrete Arrives

  • What to check on the morning of the placement
  • What happens when the wrong mix has been delivered
  • What to do if the concrete is out-of-spec
  • Who to notify when problems arise
  • How to recognize proper and improper consolidation techniques
  • How to know when its ok to finish concrete
  • What to do if water is added to the mix at the job site