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Simplified Design of Reinforced Concrete Buildings

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This new, fourth edition gives practicing engineers ways to reduce the design time, while still complying with the letter and intent of the ACI Standard 318, Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete. The simplified design procedures presented in this book are an attempt to satisfy the various design considerations that need to be addressed in the structural design and detailing of primary framing members of a reinforced concrete building by the simplest and quickest procedures possible. It aims to arrange the information in the code in an organized step-by-step procedure for the building and member design. The formulae and language avoid complicated legal terminology without changing the intent or the objective of the code.


This bestselling publication is based on ACI 318-11. The seismic and wind load provisions were updated to comply with the International Building Code (2009 IBC). Throughout the first eleven chapters, equations, design aids, graphs, and code requirements have been updated to the current Codes. New timesaving design aids were added to expand the use of the book to a wider range of concrete strengths. Also, expanded illustrations of the theory and fundamentals were added.  Also, a new chapter on sustainable design (Chapter 12) has been included to introduce the key ideas addressed by today’s green design approaches and ways in which concrete can be used to build sustainably.

Simplified equations, design aids, graphs, and clarification of code requirements are provided throughout for use by engineering professionals seeking ways to speed and simplify their design procedures. Numerous solved examples illustrate the use of the simplified methods and are compared with exact analysis results from software.

The publication contains twelve chapters covering the design and requirements for beams, one-way slab, two-way slab systems, columns, structural walls, footings, structural detailing, formwork, fire resistance, earthquake forces and "Introduction to Sustainable Design."


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PCA Notes on ACI 318-08 Building Code This tenth edition of the classic PCA publication has been updated to reflect code changes introduced in the latest version of Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete, ACI 318-08, and Commentary, ACI 318R-08. All design examples in this text have been revised to reflect the new notation and terminology, load and strength reduction factors, and the unified design provisions for reinforced and prestressed concrete members under flexure and axial load. An alternative torsion design method is summarized and its application illustrated through an example. Enhanced provisions for the design of anchors are described, and their application is illustrated through several examples.

Each chapter of the manual starts with a description of latest code changes. Emphasis is placed on “how-to-use” the code. Numerous design examples illustrate application of the code provisions.

The primary purpose for the PCA Notes is to assist the engineer and architect in the proper application of the ACI 318-08 design standard. This document is also a valuable aid for educators, undergraduate and graduate students, contractors, materials and product manufacturers, building code authorities, and inspectors.

Seismic Detailing of Concrete Buildings This publication contains a comprehensive summary of the seismic detailing requirements contained in Chapter 21 of Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete (318-05) and Commentary (318R-05), which is adopted by reference in the 2006 International Building Code.

Numerous tables and figures explain and illustrate the provisions for the following components in buildings located in regions of moderate and high seismic risk:
- Flexural members of special moment frames
- Special moment frame members subjected to bending and axial load
- Joints of special moment frames
- Special reinforced concrete structural walls and coupling beams
- Structural diaphragms and trusses
- Foundations
- Frame members not proportioned to resist forces induced by earthquake motions
-Intermediate moment frames.

A supplement CD is provided with the publication that contains electronic files prepared by PCA for design use. The files provide reinforcement details for beams, columns, two-way slabs, walls and foundations that meet the ACI 318 seismic provisions. Each structural element detailing is presented in three formats; Drawing Exchange Format (DXF), Auto Cad (DWG), and Portable Document Format (PDF) for your convenience. The CD content is intended to assist the designer in understanding and implementing seismic detailing of concrete building structural elements in his or her design.