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PCA Notes on ACI 318-08 Building Code

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This tenth edition of the classic PCA publication has been updated to reflect code changes introduced in the latest version of Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete, ACI 318-08, and Commentary, ACI 318R-08. All design examples in this text have been revised to reflect the new notation and terminology, load and strength reduction factors, and the unified design provisions for reinforced and prestressed concrete members under flexure and axial load. An alternative torsion design method is summarized and its application illustrated through an example. Enhanced provisions for the design of anchors are described, and their application is illustrated through several examples.

Each chapter of the manual starts with a description of latest code changes. Emphasis is placed on “how-to-use” the code. Numerous design examples illustrate application of the code provisions.

The primary purpose for the PCA Notes is to assist the engineer and architect in the proper application of the ACI 318-08 design standard. This document is also a valuable aid for educators, undergraduate and graduate students, contractors, materials and product manufacturers, building code authorities, and inspectors.

Table of Contents:
1. General Requirements
2. Materials, Concrete Quality
3. Details of Reinforcement
4. Development and Splices of Reinforcement
5. Design Methods and Strength Requirements
6. General Principles of Strength Design
7. Design for Flexure and Axial Load
8. Redistribution of Factored Maximum Moments in Continuous Flexural Members
9. Distribution of Flexural Reinforcement
10. Deflections
11. Design for Slenderness Effects
12. Shear
13. Torsion
14. Shear Friction
15. Brackets, Corbels and Beam Ledges
16. Shear in Slabs
17. Strut-and-Tie Models
18. Two-Way Slab Systems
19. Two-Way Slabs – Direct Design Method
20. Two-Way Slabs – Equivalent Frame Method
21. Walls
22. Footings
23. Precast Concrete
24. Prestressed Concrete – Flexure
25. Prestressed Concrete – Shear
26. Prestressed Slab Systems
27. Shells and Folded Plate Members
28. Strength Evaluation of Existing Structures
29. Earthquake-Resistant Structures
30. Structural Plain Concrete
31. Alternate (Working Stress) Design Method
32. Alternative Provisions for Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Flexural and Compression Members
33. Alternative Load and Strength Reduction Factors
34. Anchorage to Concrete