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Effects of Substances on Concrete and Guide to Protective Treatment

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Improve concrete's durabilty by knowing what chemicals attack it and what you can do to protect it. Nearly 250 substances (salts, acids, etc.) are listed along with a description of their effects on concrete and recommended protective treatments.
Discusses ways to improve concrete chemical resistance through choice of ingredients, proportions, mixing, construction methods, and curing. Describes strategies for dealing with attack by acids, sulfates and other salts, and corrosion of reinforcing steel and nonferrous metals. Gives the effects of nearly 250 substances on concrete, and lists recommended protective treatments where needed. Discussion of protective treatments includes cleaning and surface preparation and brief descriptions of treatment methods using: magnesium or zinc fluosilicate; sodium silicate; drying oils; coumarone-indene; styrene-butadiene; chlorinated rubber; chlorosulfonated polyethylene; vinyls; bituminous paints, mastics, and enamels; polyester; urethane; epoxy; neoprene; polysulfide; coal-tar epoxy; chemical-resistant masonry units, mortars, grouts and concretes; sheet rubber; resin sheets; lead sheet; glass; acrylics and methyl methacrylate; silane and siloxane; and metalizing. Protective product source guide.

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