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Top Ten Myths in Concrete Construction

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The DVD version of the popular PCA video. Get a candid look at ten common, but mistaken myths that exist in concrete construction. Use this DVD to properly train new employees, or as a reality check for experienced personnel. This DVD provides a point-by-point discussion on the facts to do the job right the first time around.
This DVD is for concrete contractors who want to learn the facts about ten of the most common misconceptions in concrete construction. It tackles each of the following myths with factual information to help the industry combat the "but this is the way we've always done it" mentality.

Top Ten Myths in Concrete Construction:
1. You should specify a concrete mix by number of bags of cement.
2. Adding water to the mix is the only way to increase slump.
3. Curing concrete means letting it dry.
4. No bleed water and a successful 'footprint' test mean a 'thumbs up' for concrete finishing.
5. Calcium chloride is an antifreeze agent.
6. You can place concrete on frozen ground without any precautions.
7. Reinforced concrete won't crack.
8. Fresh concrete that is flat and level will remain flat and level after hardening.
9. Concrete is impermeable.
10. The higher the concrete strength, the more durable the concrete.