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Finishing Concrete with Color and Texture

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Learn how to create decorative surfaces on cast-in-place concrete slabs. More than 210 photographs illustrate the rich variations in color and texture that are possible. Divided into seven sections, with step-by-step instructions that demonstrate the construction procedures:
(1) exposed-aggregate finishes
(2) textured finishes such as floated, broomed, travertine, rock salt, and sparkling and non-slip finishes
(3) stamped and inlaid impressions, divider strips, engraving, scoring and sawing
(4) white concrete materials, placing, finishing, and curing, as well as light reflective floors
(5) coloring concrete using integral color pigments, dry shakes, stains, dies and tints
(6) jointing and curing practices
(7) combinations of color and texture to create attractive surfaces.
Includes suggested specifications for seeded exposed-aggregate, pattern stamped, stenciled, stained, and dyed or tinted concrete.
This publication is a basic guide for planning and constructing decorative concrete surfaces on concrete slabs. While intended primarily for concrete contractors, it also will be useful to concrete finishers, apprentices, homebuilders, general contractors, architects, engineers, landscape architects, homeowners, vocational education students, specification writers, inspectors, and many others.