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Mass Concrete for Buildings and Bridges

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Mass concrete has been historically associated with large structures such as dams and other large volume placements. However, due to the increasingly common use of fast-track construction practices and high-performance concretes with high cementitious material contents, mass concrete issues are being encountered in typical bridge and building placements.

This document provides practical guidance on understanding mass concrete, how to manage concrete temperatures, and prevent or minimize temperature-related cracking. Understanding the implications of using mass concrete (high internal temperatures and temperature-related cracking) is the key to producing a structure that provides many years of service.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Key Considerations
Chapter 3 – Influencing Factors
Chapter 4 – Thermal Control Plan
Chapter 5 – Temperature Prediction
Chapter 6 – Construction
Chapter 7 – Case History – San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge
References and Related Publications
ASTM and AASHTO References