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PCA Soil Primer

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An introduction to soil engineering properties and the influence of soil on design, construction, and performance of pavements. Includes definitions of soil terms and tests commonly used by soil technicians, with particular emphasis on the practical meaning and application of these terms and tests. Describes soil surveys and sampling; soil-bearing value tests; and examples of soil surveys, tests, and analyses.
The PCA Soil Primer furnishes engineers with basic information on soil with regard to its influence on the design, construction, and performance of concrete, soil-cement, and other types of pavement. Definitions of soil terms are provided and tests commonly employed by soil technicians are described.

Chapter 1: Soil Terminology and Soil Identification Properties
Chapter 2: Soil Condition and Related Tests
Chapter 3: Soil Classification Systems
Chapter 4: Engineering Properties of Soils
Chapter 5: Soil Surveys and Soil Sampling
Chapter 6: Examples of Soil Surveys, Tests, and Analyses