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Pervious Concrete: Hydrological Design and Resources CD

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A timely update to the useful reference tool on pervious concrete. Filled with technical and promotional resources materials addressing specifying, proportioning, production, and placement of pervious concrete. The CD also contains an analysis tool on hydrological design. The hydrological analysis program is intended solely to illustrate the behavior of pervious concrete systems in relatively simple situations.

System requirements:
MS Windows 98, 98se, 98 ME, NT, XP

Sound Card: 16bit

Contents include:

  • Hydrological Design Software
  • Technical Resources including;
    * Pervious Concrete Pavements, P. Tennis, M. Leming, and D. Akers
    * Hydrologic Design of Pervious Concrete, M. Leming, H. R. Malcom, and P. Tennis
    * Stormwater Management with Pervious Concrete Pavement, ACPA
    * RMC Foundation Reports
    * Recommended Specifications for Portland Cement Pervious Concrete Pavements
    * Detail Drawings
    * Hydrological Design References
  • Promotional Resources
  • Concrete Links