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Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures, 16th edition

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Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures--the guide to applications, methods, and materials, has been the industry’s primary reference on concrete technology for over 90 years. The fully revised 16th edition published in 2016 by the Portland Cement Association (PCA) provides a concise, current reference on the fundamentals of concrete technology and construction.

Many advances have been made in concrete technology over the decades ranging from new materials and testing methods, to improved concrete properties and construction practices. Concrete construction today follows a mantra of quicker, stronger, more durable, more resilient, and more sustainable. That story is proudly displayed within the pages of this centennial edition of Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures.

The 16th edition provides a concise, current reference on concrete, including the many advances that occurred since the last edition. Besides presenting a 30 percent increase in new information, this edition has new chapters on concrete pavements and structures illustrating where concrete meets the needs of modern society.

The book is backed by 100 years of research by the Portland Cement Association. It reflects the latest information on standards, specifications, and test methods of ASTM International (ASTM), the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), and the American Concrete Institute (ACI).

Each new edition reflects advances in concrete technology and the need to meet the growing needs of owners, architects, engineers, builders, concrete producers, concrete technologists, instructors, and students. Over 3 million copies of past editions of the book were distributed, making the book a primary reference on concrete technology.

Preface and Acknowledgements
Foreword by PCA Product Standards and Technology Committee
Chapter 1 Introduction to Concrete
Chapter 2 Paving
Chapter 3 Structures
Chapter 4 Sustainability
Chapter 5 Portland, Blended and Other Hydraulic Cement
Chapter 6 Supplementary Cementitious Materials
Chapter 7 Mixing Water for Concrete
Chapter 8 Aggregates for Concrete
Chapter 9 Chemical Admixtures for Concrete
Chapter 10 Fibers
Chapter 11 Reinforcement
Chapter 12 Properties of Concrete
Chapter 13 Volume Changes of Concrete
Chapter 14 Durability
Chapter 15 Specifying, Designing and Proportioning
Chapter 16 Batching, Mixing, Transporting, and Handling Concrete
Chapter 17 Placing and Finishing Concrete
Chapter 18 Curing Concrete
Chapter 19 Hot Weather Concreting
Chapter 20 Cold Weather Concreting
Chapter 21 Test Methods
Chapter 22 High-Performance Concrete

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Diseno y Control de Mezclas de Concreto, CD201 Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures has been the cement and concrete industry's primary reference on concrete technology since the first U.S. edition was published in the early 1920s.

Content of this electronic version includes a Spanish translation of the 14th U.S. edition of Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures (EB001.14), which covers fundamentals and detailed information on freshly mixed and hardened concrete. It discusses materials for concrete, such as portland cements, supplementary cementing materials, aggregates, admixtures and fibers; air entrainment; procedures for mix proportioning, batching, mixing, transporting, handling, placing, consolidating, finishing, and curing concrete; precautions necessary during hot- and cold-weather concreting; causes and methods of controlling volume changes; commonly used control tests for quality concrete; special types of concrete, such as high-performance, lightweight, heavyweight, no-slump, roller-compacted, shotcrete, mass concrete and many more. In addition, extensive information on construction practices and standards used in Central and Latin America are included.

While the book focuses on construction terminology used in Mexico, synonyms have been added in parenthesis throughout the book to accommodate readers throughout Latin America. The appendix contains a concise list of synonyms used in this edition.

Includes a comprehensive glossary, links to cement and concrete resources on the web and metric conversions. Entire book is indexed and can be searched using keywords or phrases.

PowerPoint slides are available for each of the book's 18 chapters.

Diseno y Control de Mezclas de Concreto Spanish edition of PCA's premier publication includes translation of the popular 14th U.S. edition of Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures (EB001.14) plus information on construction practices and standards used in Latin America. From the basics to specifics of materials, mixing, placing, testing, and new developments, this manual on concrete technology covers about every aspect of the most widely used construction material in the world. All units in Metric and Inch-Pound.

Edición en español de la principal publicación de la PCA incluye la traducción de la decimocuarta edición americana de Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures (EB001.14) además de informaciones sobre prácticas de construcción y normas usadas en Latino América.

Este manual sobre la tecnología del concreto cubre cada aspecto del material de construcción más usado en el mundo, desde sus fundamentos hasta los detalles de sus materiales constituyentes, su mezclado, ensayos y nuevos desarrollos.