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Concrete Floors on Ground

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This expanded fourth edition describes the design, construction, and repair of concrete floors on ground for a variety of floor classifications. The approach described emphasizes attaining the best possible balance among service requirements, cost, and maintenance. In addition to an updated thickness design procedure, the text includes a discussion of concrete drying, shrinkage, joint stability, floor flatness and levelness, moisture testing and floor coverings, concrete durability, floor maintenance and repair, special floor types including white concrete floors, and a glossary of slab-on-ground terms.
Many of today's designers use computer programs to determine the required slab thickness of a concrete floor on ground, and this publication includes information on the various factors that impact the risk or conservatism of the design. These factors are identified and discussed so that they can be considered by the designer.

The expanded nomographs incorporate data for modern material handling equipment and additional nomographs enable the designer to determine a reasonable range of slab thickness based on assumptions for joint effectiveness. The original method did not consider joints which are the weakest locations of a slab.

As the design process involves much more than just determining slab thickness, this edition includes current information on subgrade/subbase considerations, the use of vapor retarders, joint design, and measuring moisture for floor coverings. In addition, this publication is updated to include further guidance on one of the most influential factors in the performance of slabs on ground; the concrete mix design itself. Lastly, the book includes additional discussion on proper maintenance and repair which is essential for long-term performance of concrete floors.