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Innovations in Portland Cement Manufacturing, 2nd Edition

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A comprehensive review of current innovations in the manufacture of portland and blended cement is included in this two-volume set. Starting with a fascinating historical background, the book quickly leads into practical applications and innovations. Drawing from experts from around the world, the book discusses all issues involved with the manufacture of cement. Major sections of the book are devoted to materials and fuels; pyroprocessing and kiln operation; finish milling and material handling; optimization and control; environmental issues; health and safety; analytical techniques; cement types, specifications, and properties; and future trends.
New chapters include: finish grinding using vertical roller mills, oxygen enrichment, inlet gas analysis, and acoustic pyrometry. Sustainability and the environment are covered frequently with new chapters on sustainable cement manufacturing, and carbon capture and carbon sequestration, along with carbon dioxide reduction and control. Health and safety issues also take center stage with new chapters on solid fuel safety and safety issues regarding build-ups in preheater kiln systems.
This is a must have reference all for personnel involved in the cement industry including production, quality assurance, process engineering, energy issues, health and safety, environmental issues, and analytical techniques.


Chapter 1.1 Cement Manufacturing – A Historical Perspective
Chapter 1.2 Sustainability and Sustainable Cement Manufacturing
Chapter 1.3 Life Cycle Inventory of Portland Cement Manufacture
Chapter 2.1 Raw Materials and Their Processing
Chapter 2.2 Raw Mix Design Considerations
Chapter 2.3 Use of Alternative Materials in Cement Manufacturing
Chapter 2.4 Fuel Selection and Use
Chapter 3.1 Kiln System Operations in Cement Manufacturing
Chapter 3.2 Preheaters and Precalciners
Chapter 3.3 Cement Clinkering: Chemical and Physical Aspects
Chapter 3.4 Fluxes and Mineralizers in Clinkering Process
Chapter 3.5 Role of Minor Elements in Cement Manufacturing
Chapter 3.6 Refractories in Cement Manufacturing
Chapter 3.7 Clinker Coolers
Chapter 3.8 Acoustic Pyrometry in Cement Manufacturing
Chapter 3.9 Inlet Gas Analysis in Cement Operations
Chapter 3.10 Oxygen Enrichment in Cement Kiln Operations
Chapter 4.1 Finish Milling and Grinding
Chapter 4.2 Vertical Roller Mills for Finish Grinding of Cement
Chapter 4.3 Classifiers and Separators
Chapter 4.4 Conveying Systems
Chapter 4.5 Cement Storage, Shipping, and Packaging
Chapter 5.1 Grinding Aids and Process Additions
Chapter 5.2 Inorganic Processing Additions
Chapter 6.1 Operational Considerations
Chapter 6.2 On-Line Quality Control Instrumentation in Cement Manufacturing Process
Chapter 6.3 Remote Access and Control in Cement Plants
Chapter 6.4 Automation and Optimization in the Cement Plant
Chapter 6.5 Statistical Process Control
Chapter 6.6 Mathematical Modeling of Cement Plant Performance
Chapter 6.7 Modeling in Cement Kiln Operations
Chapter 7.1 Air Emissions and Control Measures
Chapter 7.2 NOX Control and SNCR
Chapter 7.3 Particulate Matter Control
Chapter 7.4 Cement Kiln Dust Generation and Management
Chapter 7.5 Energy Efficiency Improvements
Chapter 7.6 Carbon Dioxide Reduction and Control in Cement Manufacturing
Chapter 7.7 CO2 Capture in the Cement Industry – Options and Challenges
Chapter 7.8 Water Regulations
Chapter 7.9 Water Management: A Case Study
Chapter 8.1 Safety Management and Organization
Chapter 8.2 Effective Safety Practices
Chapter 8.3 Health and Industrial Hygiene
Chapter 8.4 Solid Fuel Safety
Chapter 8.5 Chemical Interactions, Safety
Buildups in Preheater Kiln Systems
Chapter 9.1 Analytical Techniques in Cement Materials Characterization
Chapter 9.2 X-Ray Diffraction Analysis
Chapter 9.3 Microscopical Quality Control of Clinker and Cement
Chapter 9.4 Thermal Analysis in Cement Manufacturing