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Full-Depth Reclamation using Portland Cement: A Study of Long-Term Performance

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Full-depth reclamation (FDR) with cement is a procedure where failed asphalt pavements are pulverized and reclaimed, using cement to stabilize the recycled materials and create a new pavement base. This cement-stabilized base is then surfaced to provide a new, long-lasting pavement structure. This research report presents the detailed findings of an extensive investigation into the design, construction, testing, and long-term performance of failed flexible pavements rehabilitated through FDR using portland cement. Objectives of this investigation included evaluating the in-service long-term performance of roads rehabilitated using FDR with cement; evaluating the design protocol for field and laboratory investigation for FDR with cement pavements; determining what problems agencies encounter by implementing this rehabilitation technique; and developing guidelines for successful implementation. The actual field performance of more than 75 projects in eight states was evaluated. The average project age was 9 years, and the oldest was 26 years.

Overall, the performance of the FDR with cement projects has been excellent. There was no evidence of premature structural failure in any of the sections. In addition, the economics of the process has helped the agencies reconstruct 50-100% more projects than the conventional remove and replace methods.

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