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Building with Insulating Concrete Forms

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Contractors can learn to build beautiful and marketable concrete homes using insulating concrete forms (ICFs) with this DVD version of our 5-part video training series. Each chapter covers a specific design or construction topic: Chapter 1: Design; Chapter 2: Planning; Chapter 3: Setting Forms; Chapter 4: Placing Concrete; Chapter 5: Utilities and Finishes.

Chapter 1: Design
This chapter gives you a basic introduction to Insulating Concrete Forms. You'll learn about the different forming systems, materials, and how they're used. You'll get the basics on architectural design, structural design, HVAC design, and building code approvals. 18 minutes.

Chapter 2: Planning
This chapter will help you prepare your tools, materials, site, and foundations for Insulating Concrete Form construction. You'll also get the basics of cost estimating. 17 minutes.

Chapter 3: Setting Forms
This chapter gives you step-by-step instructions that clearly show you how to set Insulating Concrete Forms. You'll learn how to assemble your formwork and install bracing. It will give you valuable tips to save construction time, minimize cost, and reduce waste. 17 minutes

Chapter 4: Placing Concrete
This chapter will show you the most effective techniques for pumping concrete into Insulating Concrete Forms. You'll also learn how to order concrete and pumping equipment. 14 minutes.

Chapter 5: Utilities and Finishes
This chapter shows how plumbers, electricians, carpenters, drywallers, and other trades work with the forms. You'll see that with a few exceptions finishes like drywall, siding, stucco, brick, and stone attach easily to the walls. 12 minutes.